Aegean Rebreath and APIVITA join forces for the protection of our seas

Another excellent collaboration with a large company is being born, this time with APIVITA, in the context of its corporate social responsibility. APIVITA has been participating since March 2021 in the global organization “1% for the planet“, in which we, as an organization, are also a member. Guided by a sense of responsibility towards the environment from which we draw resources and energy, APIVITA’s contribution to the protection of the marine environment for 2021 is reflected in its support of several Aegean Rebreath’s activities in the field. So, this year, we have the honour and the great pleasure to travel with our companion, APIVITA, to five favourite islands of the Cyclades: Santorini, Anafi, Tinos, Syros and Paros.

Our collaboration with an innovative company that follows sustainable practices and treats the environment with a sense of responsibility, with compositions that do not harm corals and the marine ecosystem, recycled and recyclable packaging, is fully in line with our goal for the honest and effective protection of the marine ecosystem. Another loud message through a very important cooperation: the protection of the seas can onlye be acjieved if each and every one of us takes full responsibilty even in the smallest issues of our daily lives … starting from the products we consume!

Heading to another summer full of activities, with, new, solid collaborations!

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