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Aegean Rebreath

A common interest and concern for the protection of the marine environment is what brought together a large group of people from diverse backgrounds. Our team consists of individuals with different professional profiles, who are active citizens that aim to develop a comprehensive model for the protection of the seas and shape a new mindset regarding the marine environment. In this effort, everyone is welcomed!

Managing Comittee

Γιώργος Σαρελάκος

George Sarelakos

George Sarelakos is the President of the Managing Committee and Managing Director of the environmental organization Aegean Rebreath. He has spent years in development and analysis of national and European legislation and policies. During that time, he has partnered with institutional authorities, international and European organizations as well as the private sector, and has been involved in advocacy, governance and capacity building roles through multi-sectoral approaches. He is a member of several working groups and think tanks and has published numerous articles and interviews in national and international media. Through his role in Aegean Rebreath, he actively seeks to develop a national model for the preservation of the seas, with an aim to bring together central and regional authorities, private enterprises and members of the civil society. George Sarelakos is a graduate in Economics and holds a master’s degree in Health Management from the University of Piraeus.

Κατερίνα Κοφινάκου

Katerina Kofinakou

Katerina Kofinakou is a member of the Managing Committee dealing with the management of administrative and operational issues as well as the implementation of projects. In the past, she has worked in the private sector, mostly in the areas of operational efficiency, process standardization and corporate functions. She holds a degree in Psychology, in the fields of human behavior, capabilities and motivations.

Panagiotis Loulis

Panagiotis Loulis holds an electrical and computer engineering diploma from the National and Technical University of Athens. He also holds a managerial position in a construction company specialized in telecommunications and energy projects and has a wide experience in project monitoring and management. He is a founding member of Aegean Rebreath and participates in the Managing Committee. His diverse role in the organization's activities is linked to his increased sensitivity for the marine environment and his long diving experience.


Αντιγόνη Κουτέρη

Antigoni Kouteri

Antigoni Kouteri has studied Archaeology and Cultural Resources Management at the University of Peloponnese (Greece) and has acquired expertise in technical/architectural design. Initially, she gained professional experience in the construction industry as a designer and administrative assistant. Subsequently, she worked as a field archaeologist and illustrator of archaeological artefacts and architectural remains, collaborating with several Ephorates of Antiquities, Universities, foreign archaeological institutes, and has contributed to various doctoral publications. She is a proficient user of various digital tools and an expert in data entry, processing, and visualization. She joined Aegean Rebreath as a volunteer diver in 2018; currently, she is a member of Aegean Rebreath and holds the position of program manager.

Γιώργος Πετρόπουλος

Georgios Petropoulos

Georgios Petropoulos is the Head of Sub-Office for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Gaza. He has been working in humanitarian response in programmatic, management and coordination roles since 2005 including as field coordinator, and leadership roles as deputy and Country Director for a number of International NGOs and the UN. Throughout his career, Georgios has worked in complex emergencies including conflict and natural disaster settings in south and central Asia, the Middle East and north and eastern Africa. He has experience with donor relations, communications and public relations and humanitarian financing and has also served as a fund manager for the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund based in Kabul. He is a Greek national and is fluent in Greek, German and English. He holds a Master of Arts in Conflict and Security Studies from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom. Since Aegean Rebreath's beginning, he has assisted with strategic planning and public relations.

Θανάσης Ανδριανόπουλος

Thanasis Andrianopoulos

Thanasis Andrianopoulos has been working as an economist and tax consultant for the last 15 years, collaborating with a wide range of clients and businesses in Greece. He specializes mainly in tourism and hospitality firms, as well as in cooperatives and large S.A. companies. He is also an expert in capital management, lending, and European or Greek investment programs. Additionally, he is a member of the General Assembly of the Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Vice President of the Association of Accountants in Messinia. He has joined Aegean Rebreath from the very beginning, being responsible for the accounting, monitoring and management of financial issues.

Μάκης Λιλίτσης

Makis Lilitsis

Makis Lilitsis is a graduate in Law from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. As a lawyer and legal counsel, he has collaborated with various law offices and companies in Athens, mostly in the fields of Civil and Corporate Law. He currently works at the IT & Digitalization Department of HEDNO SA. He speaks English and Spanish. Spending his childhood in Crete made him develop a deep interest in the sea and the natural environment. He is a member of Aegean Rebreath; as a volunteer, he provides support with various legal issues, the translation of texts and the coordination of coastal and underwater clean-up activities. He participates in this organization because he is committed to its core principles and shares the same views with the people supporting its activities.

Μαργαρίτα Μπούρα

Margarita Boura

As a seasoned maritime industry professional with two decades of experience, Margarita Boura has successfully navigated diverse leadership roles, culminating current position as a General Manager in Blue Fleet Management Co. LTD. Her expertise spans strategic planning, operational efficiency, and team leadership, contributing to the growth and success of organizations. Committed to environmental stewardship, she has consistently integrated sustainable practices into maritime operations. Being a member of Aegean Rebreath, she has the opportunity to leverage her extensive experience and passion for environmental protection.

Παναγιώτης Παπάζογλου

Panagiotis Papazoglou

Panagiotis Papazoglou graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy of Greece and holds a Master degree in shipping management and quality in marine industry. He works as a safety, quality and vetting manager. Besides his career as a Master Marine, he has also served as a tutor in the Merchant Marine Academy of Greece. He is a founding member of Aegean Rebreath and is actively contributing at an operational level.

Coordination team


Marina Papanikolopoulou


Theodora Francis

Field coordination

Wioletta Walczyk
Sara Zucchelli
Panagiotis Pylalis

Dive coordination

Apostolos Ganavas
Rouli Prinianaki
Konstantina Giannioudi

Audiovisual material

Eleni Michailidou
Δέσποινα Τσουμάνη
Despoina Tsoumani

Missions logistics

Konstantina Korfiati


Θοδωρής Χαλικιάς
Thodoris Chalikias
Νίκος Σαλμπάνης
Nikos Sarbanis
Νίκος Μπιλλίνης
Nikos Billinis

Boat management

Raphael Soustiel
Raphael Soustiel
Γιώργος Μπαϊρακτάρης
George Bairaktaris
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