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Aegean Rebreath was established in 2017 to respond to the urgent need for the depollution of the seabed and the protection of the Aegean biodiversity, which is undoubtedly endangered by the reckless dumping of waste at sea. In the beginning, a small group of active citizens sharing the same concern about the situation of our seas took action and launched underwater and coastal cleanup activities. Within a short period of time, they managed to gain the interest and support of other citizens and organizations, which lead to the broadening of the work of Aegean Rebreath.

Very soon, the members of Aegean Rebreath realized that to effectively tackle marine pollution, innovative and thorough interventions would be required. That’s when they came up with the idea of creating special marine litter collection stations throughout Greece. The aim of this initiative was to enhance the environmental awareness of citizens, local communities, and other stakeholders. This concept idea was voted first among 472 nominated projects competing to the “Challenge of Democracy in Europe” contest by Advocate Europe and it was soon adapted by several Municipalities in Greece.

Gradually, Aegean Rebreath began to expand its work to other fields, such as research, education, pilot projects, etc. At the same time, our team continued with the development of national models for the protection of the seas. In 2023, our organization created the Blue Municipalities Network, a unique endevor at both national and European levels.

To date, the activities of Aegean Rebreath have featured in many national and international media, a fact denoting that the depollution of seabeds and coastlines has now become an urgent global priority.

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