Supporters & Donors

We are proud and grateful for our supporters who have been on our side from the earliest stages of our journey until now. Without them we never would have achieved the numerous actions that we have made from the late 2017 to present.

Their support in all the different levels of our operation has been invaluable and a foundation we can always count on to give us the boost we need to continue our journey of cleaning the seas and educating local communities, organisations and educational institutions.

Below you will find some information on our supporters and donors and their contribution to our work of action.


Maris Pearl Co.

A great, long term collaboration with Maris Pearl Co. that aims at raising awareness and supporting initiatives for the protection of marine environment. Maris Pearl Co., located in Hawaii, pledges 5% of their total profits to support Aegean Rebreath activities, including the implementation of widespread initiatives all over Greece and the purchase of equipment.

Nina Schnabel

We receive significant and long term support from Nina Schnabel that involves the enhancement of our work through the purchase of equipment and the implementation of pilot projects in the members of the Blue Municipalities Network.


WATT + VOLT provided precious support to our work by donating vehicles that are used as operation centers during the implementation of our initiatives and help us transporting the materials that are collected in the marine litter stations we maintain all over Greece.

The Yacht Week

The Yacht Week provided significant support for the implementation of widespread initiatives in the island of Poros as well as for the establishment and operation of the marine litter station in the island.

TMS Cardiff Gas

The support involved the purchase of underwater equipment that greatly contributes to the implementation of our underwater activities while it helped us organizing a joint initiative.

Navarone SA

The donation of Navarone S.A. resulted in strengthening our operational capacity and increasing our flexibility through the purchase of diving equipment.

Advocate Europe

We were honored to receive the community award. In this context, the funds were used for purchasing dive and research equipment while Advocate Europe also helped us organizing coastal clean up activities.

Social Doo

We work together with the aim of developing pilot projects and promoting innovation at a national level.

Epsilon LTD.

Supports our organization and the Blue Municipalities Network by developing funding proposals.


We cooperate for developing projects.

Γαλλικό Ινστιτούτο Ελλάδος

We received support for the purchase of necessary equipment to carry out our underwater operations. Furthermore, we cooperated on the implementation of clean up activities in Attiki region.


We received support for implementing training activities to schools while we cooperated in the context of the Advocate Europe contest.


SEAJETS supports us by providing significant discounts on the transportation of our teams to the islands.


Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF)

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) supported by donation our Marine Litter Stations network on Cyclades islands and our related activities as well as the initial creation of the Blue Municipalities Network. The donation also supoorted the purchase of important equipment.

Blue Cycle

We have a long-term collaboration for the collection and recycling of fishing gear from the marine litter stations that have been set up by our organization. At the same time, we have partnered in implementing clean-up activities.

Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation

Captain Vasilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation significantly supports us in planning and implementing educational, coastal and underwater activities in the Messinia area as well as in establishing our first station in Kalamata.

A.K. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation

We received significant support to carry out widespread initiatives on 8 islands under the “Clean Islands” project.

Cyclades Preservation Fund

We received support for the establishment of the first marine litter station in Greece in Antiparos island.

Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association (HELMEPA)

We have closely worked together by implementing field activities.



Most of pollution to the marine environment comes from the land; therefore we cooperate with British American Tobacco for the 2nd year in implementing the innovative program “Small Acts – Big Crimes”. Our aim is to prevent and deal with the reckless disposal of cigarette butts in the marine environment. The program has already been identified as a best practice.


We worked with Nestle to develop innovative activities and pilot projects for the marine environment in coastal areas of Greece. In this context, important and compound initiatives have been developed, using innovative technologies which provide primary data at a national level.


APIVITA is actively supporting us for the 4th year in implementing initiatives in the Aegean and the Ionian islands. At the same time, through APIVITA, we participate in the global platform “1% for the planet” which aims to motivate the private sector to adopt environmentally friendly policies.


Our partnership with ELIN involves the donation of stations for oil and fuel decontamination to 8 members of the Blue Municipalities Network and the training of municipal staff. In this way we try to enhance network members from the pollution that we often come across in the ports we operate. Additionally, through the donation of an underwater remotely operated vehicle, we are developing research activities for the me,mbers of the Blue Municipal Network.


Our collaboration with NOVA focused on the implementation of holistic field actions throughout Greece and, in particular, among the members of the Blue Municipalities Network. At the same time, we are developing programs for the training of the group’s personnel regarding individual responsibility in the context of environmental protection.


Our partnership with VIKOS company was founded on research activities in islands and coastal areas, actively contributing to the collection of primary data at a national level.

Pepsico Hellas

We cooperate with Pepsico Hellas in planning and implementing pilot projects throughout Greece for the marine environment. At the same time, we contribute to raising awareness to the company’s employees through field activities and workshops.

Attica Group

Attica Group is significantly supporting us by transporting our team and implementing joint clean up activities.

Thessaloniki Water Supply & Sewerage Co. S.A.(EYATH)

We work together in awareness-raising campaigns for the use of tap water and the implementation of activities in Thessaloniki area.

MAC Cosmetics Hellas

MAC Cosmetics Hellas

We are working with MAC Hellas on a difficult and complex project! The implementation of a strategic plan for the island of Spetses, which includes 9 pillars of activities. Our goal is to highlight a model that can serve as a guide for the other islands of the Blue Municipal Network.

Teleperformance Greece

Teleperformance Greece

Our collaboration framework involves the implementation of a pilot program for the Posidonia Meadows in the Markopoulo area. The program aims to develop a set of actions for the protection and restoration of such areas, as well as to raise public awareness about these unique ecosystems.


Hellenic Centre for Marine Research

We work closely together for the Blue Municipalities Network and for the development of joint research projects.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

We collaborate with the Department of Civil Engineering on clean up activities of the Thermaic Gulf, as well as on training and awareness programs for the local community.

Old Dominion University

We work together for the implementation of pilot and research projects throughout Greece.


Hydrone is a key partner in our research activities through the use of high-tech equipment. By frequent presence in the field it contributes to the extraction of primary data.


We work together with Natura Di Zante Organization for Blue Municipalities Network and the implementation of joint activities on Zakynthos island as well for the smooth operation of the marine litter station we have established on the island.


We work together for the implementation of our initiatives in Tinos island and the promotion of recycling in the local community through the marine litter station we maintain on the island.

Lefkas Diving Center

A reliable partner located on the island of Lefkada. We implement joint underwater clean-up activities and missions for the recovery of ghost nets. The Lefkas diving center also significantly supports us in terms of equipment and boats.

Bottom Dwellers Diving Club

We work together to support our underwater missions in Northern Greece.


We have collaborated in numerous underwater initiatives receiving significant support in terms of equipment.


Since the really first moment we found ourselves in Antiparos we cooperated in organizing clean up activities as well as in enhancing the operation of the marine litter station we have in the island!

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