Why Aegean Rebreath

We tackle the problem of marine ecosystem pollution in an integrated and sustainable way. This is why we designed and developed a holistic circular economy model. It includes the collection of marine litter from the seabed, the sea and the coasts, the distribution of materials to companies involved in upcycling, with the aim of using them in the production of new products, the cooperation with recyclers and waste management companies. At the same time, we work with fishermen communities and municipalities across Greece to build waste collection facilities, conduct environmental education courses in schools, implement research activities. In this way, we mobilize and sensitize local communities and citizens.

Through this process we have developed activities and know-how during all stages of the process, from locating and recovering waste to further exploitation. Our basic principle is honest and stable cooperation with all stakeholders in order to ensure the sustainability and maximum effectiveness of interventions.

Mission & Vision Aegean Rebreath

The marine environment has a key role in the balance of our planet. It is also a key factor for the social and economic prosperity of countless coastal communities, which is particularly evident in the Mediterranean regions as well. Aegean Rebreath, through its activities, aspires to introduce a new culture according to which less waste will be produced while encouraging recycling and upcycling of marine litter following the principles of the circular economy. Our goal is to highlight the importance of the quality of the marine environment for ecosystems, climate, the economy and society.

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