Aegean Rebreath and the Blue Municipalities Network at the ECONOMIST GOVERNMENT ROUNDTABLE

For the second year running, Aegean Rebreath participated in the ‘27th Annual Economist Government Roundtable’ in Athens, in order to discuss the climate crisis and its effects on the economy.

We seized this opportunity to note the underwhelming global policies which while not addressing root causes, still have a negative financial impact for local communities. This approach allowed us to include mention of the impact of increased tourist volumes on the Greek islands, and how this has affected the environment, sustainability and quality of life.

In addition, we relayed emerging practices in Greece, such as the Blue Municipalities Network and related interventions which take place under its auspices. These have included successful pilot programs such as the cigarette filter work taking place in two municipalities in cooperation with BAT Hellas.

The interest of the audience was clear, as was out satisfaction that once again the Blue Municipalities Network and our work were center stage at the national and international levels.

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