An integrated intervention in the Attica region!

Two days after our trip in Corfu island we visited the area of Rafina to discuss with the local stakeholders on the implementation of a complex and challenging project!

A project that foresees the establishment of the first marine litter collection station in Attica region and more specifically at the second largest port zone. A project that will include a holistic package  of activities in collaboration with the municipal authorities, the Rafina Port Authority, the committee for the sustainable development and protection of the urban and natural environment of Rafina and the local community.

We discussed with their representatives as well as with the fishing community for the establishment of the station and the preparatory work that should take place in order to jointly ensure the implementation of productive activities in an area that receives 2.5 million passengers per year.

The challenges are substantial but we do hope that soon we will be able to develop activities.

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