Blue Municipalities Νetwork acquires legal status

A project unique at both national and European levels has been successfully completed! After months of consultations, coordination and hard work, the Blue Municipalities Network is now established as a legal entity! Sixteen municipalities from all over Greece and two marine port funds have officially joined forces for the good of the marine environment. A decision that was based on the municipalities’ council votes.

This effort started one and a half years ago, with the initiative and coordination of Aegean Rebreath, aiming to make the coordination of local authorities’ marine protection mechanisms more efficient. The network includes the Committee of Mayors and a Technical Group comprised of local government and ministry personnel, representatives of research and academic institutions, civil society and members of the fisheries community.

It comes as no surprise then, that this unique venture is now attracting the interest of European agencies interested in cooperation and the exchange of best practices. It is also attracting new municipalities with an interest in membership of the Network. For Aegean Rebreath, this development is a testament to the validity of environmental democracy, the efforts of the members of our organization and the volunteers who represent the Network’s complete membership. But mostly, it presents Aegean Rebreath with a new and important responsibility to coordinate the Network’s technical operations. Aegean Rebreath will continue its efforts to ensure that the protection of the marine environment remains a priority at the local, regional and national levels.


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