Celebrities in Poros joined our initiative

Our return to Poros island just for one day was quite special. We had been preparing this complex mission for a long time since we would welcome almost 20 sailing boats with more than 50 well known artists from Germany and Central Europe to support our work in the field.

The initiative was organized within the context of the Pelorus Jack Ocean Trophy and was broadcasted by two major media agencies, RTL & ARD. We were happy to have the German visitors actively participating, as many of them either dived with us and collected marine litter or helped with the lifting and classification process. The amount of litter was huge and left them all astonished and, at the same time, highlighted the responsibilities and the critical role of the sailing community in protecting the marine environment. The initiative was extensively broadcasted in the German media while the celebrities continued their journey fully excited about our common actions and their outcomes.

However, we also had another positive surprise as the Head of the Marinepool company who participated in the initiative, donated to our organization ten diving suits that will facilitate our work during the upcoming initiatives. A big thank you to all and we are sure we will meet next year for new adventures!

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