Implementing pilot projects from southern to northern Greece

Our pilot projects are not only implemented in the Greek islands but also in the Greek mainland. Therefore, in December we focused, inter alia, on the projects we implement in collaboration with the municipal authorities and the support of Nescafé coffee in Kalamata and Thessaloniki cities.

Our journey started by collecting waste from the net trap we installed in the Nedontas River, Kalamata. Our volunteers, together with the municipal employees, removed and counted materials that ended up in the net since the last rainfall. We were really happy to witness the unique mobilization and active engagement of the municipal authorities, who are there next to us, despite the challenges and vandalism we face on a regular basis. The conclusion is that persistence and determination lead to the achievement of the goals set.


With the same enthusiasm, we visited Thessaloniki where municipal employees proceeded to install a crane and performed the essential testing for the regular operation of the sea drone. At the same time, we witnessed the sea drone’s first ride in Thermaikos bay. We have concluded that we are now ready to monitor our second intervention in Thessaloniki, given that the informative outdoor screen has already been installed and provides information to citizens on marine pollution.

Both of these pilot projects, just like all the rest of our interventions, aim to change the mindset and encourage the active participation of citizens and municipal authorities. Therefore, we cannot but feel great satisfaction and optimism for our promising interventions that expand from Kalamata to Thessaloniki.

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