Launching a new samplings program for the members of the Blue Municipalities Network

We recently received a remotely operated vehicle (RoV) and immediately began our research activities. This new tool, which was provided by ELIN to support the Blue Municipalities Network, was first tried in Santorini, where it was fully utilized in the island’s ports and reefs.

We took samplings to examine the existence of heavy metals in the seabed sediment and the quality of water resources. We also used the equipment to trace abandoned fish nets on the island’s seabed. The results were encouraging and promising, since the equipment will significantly contribute to the development of databases for the members of the Blue Municipalities Network.

Our goal is to further expand the database we have developed in collaboration with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research concerning the seabed sediment and to develop a new database regarding the water quality in the ports. This information will be available for the first time to the municipal authorities that participate in the Blue Municipalities Network, thus enabling, among others, the development of evidence-based policies to address port pollution.

Our new collaboration with ELIN along with the initiation of this program makes us very happy since research is one of the fundamental pillars of our work!


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