Naxos program gets its “final touch”

We returned to Naxos knowing that six months after the program was launched, the results were already impressive! More than 125,000 cigarette butts had already been collected in the 30 specific collectors installed in central and non-central points of the island!

In this context, our trip focused not only on the additional evaluation of the program but also on the consultation with the local authorities and the local community. This was necessary for drawing some significant conclusions regarding any improvements that could be implemented to increase the program’s effectiveness. In addition, since we were there, we did not miss the opportunity to fix some damages that occurred to the collectors during the summer period.

The consultation with the local authorities involved meetings with the mayor of the island and interim president of the Blue Municipalities Network, Mr. Lianos, along with other municipal officials, as well as collecting the opinions of citizens about the impact of the program. The interesting findings that resulted from the relevant questionnaire are as follows:

  • 77.5% of participants have noticed the special labeling and the cigarette butt collectors installed in the island of Naxos.
  • 64% of participants have observed a slight or significant reduction in cigarette butt pollution in the area during the recent period.
  • 88% of participants believe that the program can help the area considerably or almost considerably.
  • 99% of participants believe that this specific program can turn the effort of both the local community and the local authorities into an example for other areas in Greece.

Finally, during this last visit, the basic phases of the program were completed, and the next steps were determined. It now appears that the Naxos program, following the example of Rafina where this practice was first implemented, constitutes an integral part of the municipality’s operations as well as the daily life of the people on the island.

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