Targetting the cigarette butts

An innovative program for the environment takes place for the first time in Greece and starts in the area of Rafina. The program, which will be implemented in collaboration with the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, the Committee for the Sustainable Environment of Rafina – Pikermi and the support of British American Tobacco, combines research work and awareness actions for the reckless rejection of cigarette butts.

The program began with symbolism: an art installation in the central square of Rafina depicting a real “crime scene” in which an exact copy of a giant cigarette butt was placed next to its victims such as fish and turtles. The program titled “Small Acts, Major Crimes” aims to collect real data using innovative technology on the dumping of cigarette butts in the marine environment, raising awareness to improve the quality of coastal and marine space and active mobilization around the extremely important issue of a sustainable environment.

Aegean Rebreath, honouring its main principle that the protection of the environment concerns all of us, develops another important synergy in order to inform the world that marine pollution starts primarily from the mainland. Industry, local authorities, civil society play a role…

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