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By visiting and browsing the website of the enterprise under the name “AEGEAN REBREATH SOCIAL COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE (S.C.E.) OF COLLECTIVE AND SOCIAL BENEFIT” and the distinctive title “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.”, you unreservedly agree to the following terms:

Content and correctness of information

The website of “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.” provides information and details about the enterprise, its purposes as well as the social benefit activities that it carries out. Such content is provided exclusively for the purpose of informing the public. Although we make all possible efforts to provide accurate and correct information, we cannot always guarantee it. “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.” reserves the right to change the content of the website at any time and without prior notice.

Intellectual property rights

The content of the website, including the domain name, is owned by “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.”. Any information or content (including but not limited to the texts, pictures, audiovisual material, graphics, etc. contained in the website), may be used exclusively for personal, non-commercial purpose. Any copy, reproduction, republishing, distribution, presentation and modification of the content of the website, in part or in whole, is not permitted without the prior consent of the copyright holders.


All logotypes and trademarks contained in this website are owned by “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.”, or by third parties, as the case may be. “AEGEAN REBREATH” is a trademark owned by “AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.” and protected under national and EU laws on intellectual property.


“AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.” will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may occur, either accidentally or because of, or related -in any way- to accessing or using this website, including but not limited to any loss or damage occurred by viruses that may affect your equipment (P/C) or the validity of information you acquired through this website. This website may also contain external links to other sources of information. In any case,“AEGEAN REBREATH S.C.E.” will not be held liable for the content of all external links contained in this website.


In order to provide a better experience to users, this website may require to install cookies on you computer or other devices you may use when browsing on the internet. Although cookies do not reveal the identify of those visiting the website, they gather information about browsing that enable the website to function in a more efficient way and offer a better experience to users when browsing the website. You can reject the storage of cookies from the relevant tools menu of the web browser you use. If you choose to block cookies, some features of the website will not be available to you.

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