Initial interventions for the restoration of the marine environment

We are moving forward with the support of Nescafe and in cooperation with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/Civil Engineering Department we implement a holistic program that foresees interventions for the recovery of marine litter in Thermaikos gulf, the provision of information and the enhancement of awareness of the local community. The program includes 4 main pillars of activities which include the use of smart technologies as well as the active participation of the local authorities and the local community.

The inauguration of the program took place in Thessaloniki at the end of September with press conferences at the town hall where the mayor and the deputy mayor of Thessaloniki, the head of Aegean Rebreath and a member of the BoD of Nestle briefed the press representatives on the content and objectives.

Marine litter removal with the aid of a sea-drone

The program foresees the operation of a sea drone for the removal of floating marine litter that are found in the Thermaikos Gulf. It is an innovative technological tool that is used for the first time in Greece and is expected to offer useful conclusions in the context of decontamination efforts in demarcated marine zones.

The sea-drone was handed to the Aristotle University during the inauguration of the program and after a trial use on the city’s beach front, it will be used on a systematic basis with parallel training of the municipal personnel in its handling, recovery, classification and recycling of marine waste. Alongside the collection of waste, the university team collects data related to pollution such as pollution sources, ship traffic, weather conditions, etc. The resulting data is expected to be used in a wider frame with the aim of developing documented proposals.

Placement of an informative outdoor LED screen

The installation of the informative outdoor LED screen has been completed to raise awareness among the public through the systematic monitoring and presentation of data. The screen, which was installed at a central location in the coastal zone of Thessaloniki, will be updated by the Department of the Environment of the Municipality with data on the quality of the water of Thermaikos Gulf, the monthly recycling rates of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the amount of waste collected by the sea-drone. Furthermore, the screen will display the campaign graphic “Taking action on land before the waste reaches our seas”.

Awareness campaign for owners and personnel of coffee shops

This pillar foresees the development of proposals for owners and personnel of coffee shops that will focus on the presentation of good practices to improve the environmental footprint of the coffee businesses and provide further information on marine pollution, recycling, reusable caps etc.

The results from the completion of targeted questionnaires to coffee professionals, will be used in the context of a campaign and the production of a short awareness video that will highlight the added value of recycling and reducing single-use plastics.

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