Travelling from Kalamata to Kea island for our educational program

We traveled to two members of the Blue Municipalities Network to deliver our educational program in 4 primary schools! Almost 200 students attended the relevant workshop and discussed with us about marine pollution and practices to deal with it.

The main goal of our educational program is to highlight the individual responsibility and the constructive role that every citizen can demonstrate. Aegean Rebreath communicates this message through the training programs that has developed for all levels of education, companies and local communities.

However, every time we visit primary schools we realize that children really identify mistakes and the role of previous generations concerning the growth of marine pollution. And they provide the best example! In Kalamata the students interviewed the members of our team about the operations of our organization, our experiences and our findings, while the students in Kea showed us how they use reusable containers without using single-use plastics. We discuss with the children and we do realize that there is hope!

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