We met for our General Assembly

The successful work of Aegean Rebreath, the high expectations and the outcomes, are mainly based on our members and their perfect cooperation!! For another year, our important annual meeting took place that focused on the review of the past year and the planning of the next steps. For once more, the goals are ambitious and the expectations from our organization are high.

Just a little before launching our field activities for 2023, we had the opportunity to meet and define our strategy for the new year. However, before getting into that discussion we had to jointly evaluate our work during 2022. Only then did we all understand the scope of our activities and the new responsibilities that have arisen for the new year. We all agreed that the most important developments were related to the Blue Municipalities Network and our efforts to involve civil society, central government and the private sector in a joint effort. New strategy, new priorities, new planning, new internal tools ahead.

In this context, we all agreed that in 2023 we will try to address all new challenges that are now emerging for our organization. Since nothing is happening in Aegean Rebreath without everyone agreeing at least to the minimum.

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