We visited Amorgos and discussed with the local community about climate change and the marine environment

The first weekend of winter found us in Amorgos for a workshop we organized on climate change, the challenges and the problems the island faces concerning the coastal and the marine environment. The workshop, which raised the increased interest of the local community, was organized under the support of Attica Group and in collaboration with the Municipality of Amorgos.

The warm welcome and the hospitality of the local community was an excellent start for our first visit to the island. The active participation and the exchange of views with the residents during the breakout sessions of the workshop was a great gain. At the same time, we had the opportunity to inform the Mayor, local authorities’ officials and the fishing community about the Blue Network of Municipalities. We received their increased interest about joining the Network and installing a marine litter collection station οn the island. Of course we did not fail to plan a widespread initiative in the island during 2023.

As a result, we had to say goodbye to Amorgos while giving the promise that soon the whole Aegean Rebreath team will return to the island for field activities.

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