2023 was a milestone for Aegean Rebreath, 2024 comes as a very creative year!!

2023 was full of achievements, thrills and hard work. Thrills and achievements that could not be summed up in one page. However, we believe that the acquisition of a legal entity for the Blue Municipalities Network is definitely the milestone development for our team and our work in 2023.

A landmark because the network is a unique project and proves that the protection of the marine environment concerns us all. A network that required the effort of many people and relied on the voluntary contribution of dozens of others.

But 2023 was also important for our organization as a number of actions were carried out throughout Greece, new pilot programs were developed, new fields of research emerged, and new synergies were established. Great strides were made in all six pillars of Aegean Rebreath’s work! At the center of all these developments were the volunteers of our organization who, for one more year, proved what active citizens can achieve.

So, we say farewell 2023 with a big thank you to everyone who actively contributed to our work. And we promise that in 2024 we will go on with tons of dynamism and determination because we do honor their effort!

We sincerely wish you a Happy and Creative New Year!



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