A new important collaboration with the yacht company, Jack & Jenny

From the very beginning of our operation, our goal has been the cooperation with representatives of the sailing community, as the findings from our activities have highlighted, among other things, the great contribution of yachts in the expansion of marine pollution.

And this is the exact reason we are pleased to announce our partnership with Jack & Jenny, a partnership created on the basis of our common concerns. More specifically, we join forces for the mapping of congested areas, the utilization and use of Aegean Rebreath’s Marine Litter Collection Stations by their boats, the training of their customers to minimize the use of plastics and the implementation of joint actions.

Our common goal is the design and implementation of a holistic model of actions that will be an example for other companies operating in the same industry.

In this context, we wanted to announce our cooperation with the opportunity of our first joint activity. An activity that left us satisfied after we discovered a new congested area where we operated. So, we just look forward to our next meeting!

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