A trash trap installed in Nedontas river to prevent marine pollution

Another innovative project that will change the way we perceive and prevent much of the marine pollution took place in Kalamata!

In the framework of our cooperation with the Municipality of Kalamata and with the support of Nescafe, we proceeded to a pilot installation of a special “trash trap” at the estuary of the river Nedontas at the coast of Kalamata in order to retain materials and litter before they end up in the sea. This initiative is part of a series of actions carried out by Aegean Rebreath in the region of Messinia with a double goal: protect the marine environment and raise public awareness regarding disposable plastics.

Practically, the purpose of the net is to hold all trash that comes from the city of Kalamata and is swept away by the torrent, ending up to the sea. The waste will be collected by the cleaning services of the Municipality of Kalamata, while all collected materials will be thoroughly recorded.

A great project that will eventually prevent part of the marine pollution coming from the mainland! We look forward to the analysis of those important data while we aspire to apply similar systems in other Greek cities!

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