Aegean Rebreath’s work is now also recognized at a European level

We participated in the 1st BlueMissionMed Stakeholder Forum, organized by the program partners and the European Commission in Palermo, to present the practices and work of Aegean Rebreath and the Blue Municipalities Network. The Forum was attended by more than 200 representatives from various institutional bodies, environmental organizations and businesses, which are active in the environment.

We had the opportunity to present our organization’s practices regarding fishing and the protection of the marine environment as well as those related to the active participation of citizens. The focus was on the Blue Network of Municipalities, the marine waste collection stations as well as the Aegean Rebreath methodology for engaging citizens and local communities. Our practices were positively received at a European level, and attracted the interest of many partners. This effort was significantly supported by the Hellenic Center for Marine Research, with which we cooperate more widely.

Our participation in this Forum confirmed that the practices of our organization and the synergies it has developed, are considered good practices that can be applied more widely at a national and European level. This was also shown in the discussions held by our representative with several Forum participants.


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