Another honorary distinction for Aegean Rebreath

Aegean Rebreath received an award for its work in the context of the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Summit and the Green Awards organized by the Economist magazine. The award acknowledges the most significant environmental initiatives that have been implemented in Greece with the cooperation of local authorities and NGOs.

This honorary distinction rewards Aegean Rebreath role in providing support to Greek municipalities for the development of evidence-based policies on environmental issues. In this context, Aegean Rebreath was awarded for the implementation of the innovative project “Small Actions – Big Crimes” which also involves the Municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, the Rafina Port Authorities and BAT Hellas. Another project that fully represents Aegean Rebreath’s culture on promoting synergies between businesses and local authorities based on the belief that no one is excluded from the efforts to protect the environment.

“This award is important not only for Aegean Rebreath but also for the Blue Municipalities Network as it highlights the importance and role of civil society and local authorities in promoting environmental protection. We try to emphasize the need to further strengthen environmental democracy, to encourage local authorities and societies to deal with local problems. In this context the role of businesses can be extremely constructive,” says Mr. Sarelakos, Head of Aegean Rebreath.

It is the second time this year that Aegean Rebreath has been awarded, taking into account that a few months ago it was acknowledged as the best environmental organization in Greece (Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2022).

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