Corsica traveled to Lefkada

Recently, we gained the interest of a delegation from the island of Corsica regarding the practices that our organization has developed. The French delegation traveled to the island of Lefkada to attend our operations during the weekend of 16-17.09 and get informed about our activities there in the last years. The delegation consisted of executives from local and regional authorities as well as representatives from civil society organizations. The purpose of their visit was to examine how the practices used by Aegean Rebreath could be transferred and implemented on the island of Corsica.

Their two-day visit included all the locations where our team operated! They watched our efforts to retrieve abandoned nets from the sea bottom as well as the clean-up activities at the port of Perigiali. They also visited the marine litter collection station and were informed about the impact on the local community and the results achieved since its operation.

Meanwhile, in a meeting held by the Mayor of Lefkada with the head of Aegean Rebreath and several members of the Corsican delegation, data regarding the Blue Municipalities Network were presented along with the possibility for future collaboration. This short, two-day visit ended with the promise that there will be developments regarding the issues examined.

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