Expanding our marine litter stations network!

Marine Litter Stations now in Syros and Tinos! We are excited to announce our new Marine Litter Stations currently operational in Syros and Tinos! We have launched our partnership with the local municipal authorities, key local players, the fishing associations and citizen groups on both islands. These groups worked carefully and responsively despite COVID-19 restrictions to reach our common objectives, and we would not be here without their dedication and hard work.

Syros island station
Tinos island station


By establishing the Marine litter stations we are reiterating our commitment to support both islands (as soon as we can move!) and our intention to scale up these synergies to large scale activities.  We will meet the expectations of local authorities and societies, taking into account their trust in our proposals, while communicating the added value of our innovative concept which strengthens environmental democracy and encourages cooperation of local actors.

We are joining efforts with the local society

We hope that soon we will be on both islands in order to continue our work and meet with our partners, such as the municipal authorities of Syros, the municipal authorities of Tinos, the Waste Management Agency of the Municipality of Syros, the Port Authorities of Syros, the social enterprise Kalloni-Kellia and the local fishing associations.


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