Inaugurating our interventions in Thessaloniki

Our program in Thessaloniki, which is implemented by our organization, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the support of Nescafe, made a promising start! This is an ambitious and complex program aiming not only at the depollution of the Thermaikos Gulf but also at the implementation of preventive activities as well as initiatives to raise awareness in the local community.

In a press conference held at the town hall, the mayor and deputy mayor of Thessaloniki, the head of Aegean Rebreath and a member of the BoD of Nestle briefed the press representatives on the content and objectives of the program.

The participants then walked to the coastline where the aqua drone for litter collection was presented. Attendees got a hands-on view of the equipment in action since marine litter was collected from the sea surface.

A few meters down, the participants had the opportunity to witness the second intervention that includes an outdoor screen that will inform citizens on the results of the aqua drone use and the overall quality of marine waters within the bay of Thessaloniki.

Finally, the representatives of Aegean Rebreath also discussed with owners of coffee shops and bars and filled out questionnaires on single-use plastics. The results are expected to offer concrete conclusions that will be further exploited for a campaign that will be implemented in cooperation with coffee bar owners aiming at reducing the consumption and the reckless disposal of single-use plastics.

Through this program, Aegean Rebreath is launching its interventions in Thessaloniki with the hope of further encouraging more holistic policies for the protection of Thermaikos Gulf. Many thanks to the local Bears Rescue team that is actively contributing to our efforts.

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