Informative workshop for Pepsico Hellas employees

We visited the Pepsico Hellas facilities to deliver a workshop on the environmental crisis and the need for a new approach. The workshop, specially designed for the companies we cooperate in the implementation of pilot programs, was attended by approximately 40 employees of Pepsico Hellas.

The aim of the workshop is to inform and raise the awareness of the participants about the major environmental issues that our planet faces and the need to change our habits. Through presentations, existing practices and consultation, participants are informed, ask key questions and gain key insights into the environmental issues identified at global level. We highlight the importance of building synergies between all the key actors as well as the need for enhancing active citizenship. So far, similar workshops have been successfully implemented in a number of companies that a high number of employees actively attended.

We would like to sincerely thank the Green team of Pepsico Hellas and the participants for their great interest, feedback and the good vibes during the workshop.

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