Joining forces with the Athens Makerspace

We are excited to announce a new, very interesting collaboration with the Athens Makerspace lab, the first non-profit Makerspace in Athens. Since our first contact with the Athens Makerspace team, it was pretty obvious that we share common values and vision regarding the adoption of a new culture regarding the environment, in the context of resource reuse, a goal for which both organizations work equally hard. 

Our quests and efforts are expressed in different fields but they find a common ground in the experimentation and implementation of the principles of circular economy. The connecting link is marine litter which, from our side, is removed in huge quantities from the seabed and coasts and from the side of the Athens Makerspace lab are potentially useful material for new creations.

We look forward to our common presence on the field and the tangible results of this interesting collaboration that brings together active people, innovative ideas, new cultures and habits in a creative way.

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