#KalamataNoPlasticWaste Campaign

With the slogan “We take action on land before the litter reaches our seas” and by installing environmental awareness signs, which inform citizens about marine pollution issues in busy areas of Kalamata, the third part of the innovative program was completed in collaboration with the Municipality of Kalamata and with the Sponsorship of Nescafé coffee.

The signs intend to leverage public awareness over the actual level of marine pollution featuring illustrations that highlight the huge problem of single-use plastics in relation to marine life. Birds and fish appear trapped in plastic bags, bottles or coffee cups, manifesting what really happens in our seas: marine fauna suffers and gets suffocated by the choices and actions of people on land, with a direct impact not only on the wellbeing of sea life and the balance of the ecosystem but also on human health.

In light of our cooperation, Kalamata takes action to protect the marine environment by developing and testing good practices that will help reduce marine pollution deriving on the mainland, paving the way for other cities in Greece. In addition, the data collection and analysis will contribute to the further development of new global initiatives and actions.

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