Lectures in a MSc program of West Attica University!

Τraining and dissemination of knowledge and findings, constitute one of the main priorities of our organization. Within this context and with great joy we concluded our series of lectures on environmental democracy and the need for a new approach to face the environmental crisis. As Aegean Rebreath, we had the great opportunity of contributing to the post graduate program Communication Policy and Crisis Management of the University of Western Attica.      

We outlined and presented current challenges, effects and aspects of the environmental crisis on a global scale but also focused on the role of citizens being a growing part of the problem as well as being part of the solution. We highlighted the need for synergies between educational institutions, industry and civil society efforts that help activate government and institutional bodies.

In addition, we had the opportunity to present the overall undertaking of Aegean Rebreath as an example of environmental democracy; promoting local practices to a national level. Our work, data and findings were made available to the post graduate students of the University of Western Attica, whose participation and enthusiasm confirmed once again that the solution to the environmental crisis is up to each and every one of us.

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