Local Community Awareness Training Workshop in Bangladesh

We conducted a very interesting environmental awareness workshop in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration Bangladesh at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh, an area that faces very significant environmental problems both on land and at sea.

During the workshop we had the opportunity to present the global challenges and environmental problems caused by marine litter as well as the good practices we have developed as an organization, which could be implemented in collaboration with local communities in the area of Cox’s Bazar where one of the largest beaches in the world, 120 km long, is located. In total, there were 52 sessions with 628 participants!

The workshop was attended by a team of counselors, social workers and educators who showed particular interest in the facts presented and discussed with us the environmental awareness action program that will be implemented in schools and groups from the local communities of Cox’s Bazar utilizing the material of our organization.

As it is estimated that 40% of the world’s population lives by the sea and the problem of marine litter is not limited to national borders, the environmental awareness of local communities is emerging as an urgent need. In this context, we are always willing to share the knowledge we have gained from our experience and to support similar initiatives around the world.

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