Meeting with the regional governor on the expansion of our activities in the Peloponnese region

It was great having a really productive and pleasant meeting with the Regional Governor of the Peloponnese, Mr. Nikas, to discuss the expansion of our activities in the coastal areas of the Peloponnese. The Governor showed great interest in our work and our proposals for the protection of the marine and coastal environment in the Peloponnese region.

Following the decisions made during the last meeting of the Blue Municipalities network, our organization sent proposals to the regional authorities that are founded on 4 main pillars of activities for the marine environment. Therefore, we were happy to further inform the Regional Governor about the Blue Municipalities Network and also discuss our activities in Kalamata municipality that joined the network at the beginning of the year.

At the same time, our representatives were informed about the problems of the region and the identified needs. Mr. Nikas was quite interested in the proposals and the development of a cooperation framework, suggesting to move forward with our cooperation with the municipalities of Peloponnese region on the basis of a programming agreement between the municipalities and the regional authorities.

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