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As the summer is coming to an end, we welcome this new season with a great and promising collaboration! Following a sincere and profound exchange of views with the representatives of, this collaboration resulted to the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

Since the beginning, both parties shared the same kind of understanding about adopting a common approach and goal-setting to deal with the serious challenges that the marine environment is faced with, and according to the urgent need to develop innovative practices. The memorandum of understanding focuses on developing best practices and synergies, increasing public awareness on the protection of marine environment, and promoting the proper management and reuse of marine litter. Both parties also agreed to work together on various issues, such as education, implementing pilot projects, creating primary data, as well as providing technical knowledge to local authorities to promote the principles of blue economy and sustainable development.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Aegean Rebreath. The enthusiasm and mentality with which the Aegean Rebreath team is committed to protecting our oceans shall motivate our customers to get involved as well” Dr. Alexis Katechakis (Managing Partner, highlighted.

Mr. Sarelakos, Head of Aegean Rebreath, pointed out that ”through this partnership we aim at further motivating key actors in the private markets, since the marine environment preservation requires the contribution of each one. In this context, we believe that the experience and the know-how of offers guarantees and optimism that our joint efforts will produce tangible results”.

This collaboration is expected to reinforce the work of the Blue Municipalities Network, by carrying over -among others- the outcomes that have resulted from other European practices. Once again, we are glad for this collaboration, given that the creation of international synergies is a prerequisite for dealing with international issues in an effective way.

About is a leading German sustainability consultancy based in Munich that focuses on developing sustainability strategies and implementing them for organizations who are really serious. And the consultancy is serious about marine conservation. Protecting oceans is playing an increasingly important role in their activities. That is why became the first consultancy to partner with the UN Ocean Decade.


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