NAVARONE strengthens our operational capacity

In 2023 we are returning to the field with increased operational capacity following the significant support of NAVARONE S.A.. The company executives contacted us and expressed their interest to support our work which resulted in purchasing diving equipment that will be used by the diving team of our organization..

Such a donation like the other we receive is particularly important given the fact that we are able to choose the equipment we need according to the needs that are identified every year. Taking into consideration the fact that the divers either use their own equipment or we have to rent equipment that is not available to carry out the underwater cleanups, such donations contribute not only to the safety of the divers (due to the fact that divers will be using certain equipment on a regular basis) but also to cost savings that will allow more divers to participate in our missions.

A big thank you to NAVARONE S.A. company for providing such important support that will also allow us to proceed with the planning of larger scale initiatives in 2023. Another donation that honors us and allows us to pay tribute to NAVARONE S.A. for the trust that showed us.

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