One hour with the Deputy Minister of Environment

In the context of preparing for our return to the field of action as soon as the pandemic conditions permit, we had the pleasure to have an online meeting with the Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr. Amyras.

The work and goals of Aegean Rebreath were in the epicentre of our discussion with a focus on our Marine Litter Collection Stations’ network that has been expanding all over Greece. Specifically, we discussed the connection of our network to the Ministry of Environment, a fact that will allow the smooth transition of know-how and the facilitiation of proposals’ submission. It was stressed out that this would be a good opportunity to finally connect local and national politics that will promote the wellbeing of our seas.

Moreover, Mr. Amyras got an update of the rest fundamental axes of Aegean Rebreath’s work and confirmed the mutual willingness of both parts to work closer in the future. We closed the discussion with Mr. Amyras expressing his will to join us in one of our upcoming activities and witness the work we do in cooperation with the local communities.

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