Our greatest pleasure comes from our educational activities!

This is not only our greatest pleasure but also the reward of our efforts and a great dose of hope!

The major issue of protecting the mainland ecosystem and the marine environment not only involves the depollution efforts but also a number of preventive activities. And what could be more creative and hopeful than having the chance to discuss, answer and offer valuable information to the members of the future societies, those individuals that will contribute to the harmonious co-existence with nature through their mindset and actions.

Children are a major factor when it comes to protecting the environment and despite the fact that during our activities we feel deeply disappointed by the extend of the pollution, our educational activities are those that create a healthy balance of hope and optimism in our souls and give us strength to continue with our work.

Even now that the restrictions to fight Covid-19 are in place, we choose to invest our available time in fruitful discussions with students, providing details over our activity and analysing the major problem of environmental pollution.

This time we were very happy to be invited in a teleconference hosted by the 3rd and 4th grade of the American Farm School where teachers and students gave us an enthusiastic welcome and lots of questions! And while now we have much more available time, it proved to be too little as our discussion went on for quite long with several interesting topics, so we closed the teleconference by identifying the next steps of our “partnership” with the students.

We really hope that we will have the chance to be present in such teleconferences quite often but what we hope that we will be able to return in school classes soon and live this amazing, interactive experience over and over again!

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