Our return to Andros caps years of effort

We’ve been waiting for this press release for months! It was back in 2019 when we discovered and brought to light the landslide which caused a landfill to fall into the Aegean polluting not just the water but beyond. Since then, we have tried using different ways to find a solution to this profound challenge, working with the central government, regional administrations and the private sector. Relevant authorities showed interest and the issue was picked up by national and international press, but substantial progress on understanding the extent of the issue was not forthcoming.

Until we decided to move ahead using our own means. A few months ago, Nina Schnabel, a frequent visitor to Greece and a significant supporter of our work, contacted us with an interest to find a solution to this problem. Within a short time, members of Aegean Rebreath, Hellenic Drones and LINK SA visited Andros, seeking to map out the polluted area and contaminants. Using specialized equipment, they were able to produce a report which will be submitted to the relevant Ministries and directorates.

With this report, our activities related to this attempt to revitalize and clean the area conclude. The next steps belong to the regional and the national government. For our part as Aegean Rebreath, we have been consistent in our commitments to our supporters, and we achieved our original goal which was to highlight and fully delineate the problem. All the necessary elements for action are now available.


We would like to say a big thank you to Nina Schnabel whose support made this possible, and to everyone who has supported our efforts over the last few years. The case of Andros proves yet again the strength of environmental democracy and the importance of active support by concerned people. From here on out, the ball is on the authorities’ side…

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