Progress is made regarding the Andros Underwater Landfill Case

The developments regarding the issue of the underwater landfill in Andros are encouraging! We recently joined the mission of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), which was organized to complete the research efforts for the affected area. Our previous mission to the island took place nearly a year ago and contributed to the formation of a mapping study on the area. This study resulted in mobilizing the central administration so as to act towards the depollution and restoration of the area.

To this respect, we met with the Secretary-General for Waste Management Coordination of the Ministry of Environment & Energy, Mr. Grafakos, as well as with the Mayor of Andros, Mr. Sousoudis, on the island, where we observed HCMR’s efforts to quantify the landfill waste found on the coast and the seabed. The resulting study is expected to provide the final necessary information that will facilitate the next step. The Ministry is determined to seek the relevant resources and prepare the project’s budget based on the study’s findings, thus enabling this unique endeavor of cleaning the affected area.

After five years, we strongly believe that the conditions are favorable! All parties involved show their willingness to work methodically and effectively. Undoubtedly, this is a positive development for the marine environment of the Aegean Sea and the island of Andros, as well as an acknowledgment of the efforts of our volunteers and the people who have supported us during all these years!

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