Recycling bins from bottle caps for the beaches of Antiparos!

We are moving fast with another ambitious pilot project and for this reason we were in Antiparos for 2 days in order to discuss with the local authorities and the local community the next steps.

We were not only excited to see beloved collaborators but also for the mere fact that we received 400 kilos of bottle caps collected by the local community. Lids which will be transported to Athens and will be used by Athens Makerspace for the construction of recycling bins that will be placed on the beaches of Antiparos. A pilot project based on the cooperation of our organization with the Municipality of Antiparos and the support of Pepsico Hellas.

In this context, members of our team discussed with the local authorities any technical issues pertaining to the project but also came in contact with representatives of the catering sector (cafeterias, restaurants, etc.) for possible synergies so that this project becomes a guiding light for the island.

Antiparos has a symbolic meaning for our organization as different holistic interventions for the marine environment have been developed in the area throughout the years with the aim to prevent and decontaminate. Another example of the ideal cooperation of various bodies with a single purpose: the protection of the marine environment.

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