SEAMPLY- The new documentary by Aegean Rebreath

We are delighted to present to you the documentary SEAMPLY, created by AEGEAN REBREATH in collaboration with the local communities of the 5 islands we visited with the support and funding of A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation.

SEAMPLY means sea, harmony, freedom, but it also means a much needed effort to live simpler for the benefit of the environment. During our visits we met and worked together with active citizens who experience daily the effects of reckless use of plastic and find solutions for their region. Considering their point of view but also with the contribution of experts, we not only try to understand the problem but also to capture a changing reality in islands that are evolving and applying new practices.

Focusing on the growing number of Marine Litter Collection Stations on islands, Aegean Rebreath has developed a network of local partners and synergies with whom we work together towards  promoting marine preservation while helping local communities to  integrate new habits and change perceptions. In cooperation with the fishing communities, local recycling units and Blue Cycle concerning fishing gear, our stations promote proper and sustainable waste management. We thank them very much for their participation in the documentary

In particular, we would like to warmly thank for their participation the Municipalities of Lefkada, Paros, Antiparos, the Association of Fishermen of Antiparos, the Association of Fishermen of Paros, the Kalloni-Kellia social enterprise, the Lefkas Diving Center, the Recycling Center of Paros and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research. We would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts all the volunteers that supported our activities and the local communities of Zakynthos, Lefkada, Syros, Tinos, Paros and Kimi islands. Finally, we would like to refer to George Marianos, President of the Antiparos Fishing Association, for his incalculable contribution.

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