Something big is coming in Thessaloniki!

A new, ambitious program to address the problem of marine litter in the Thermaic Gulf will soon be implemented in Thessaloniki.

A representative of our organization was in Thessaloniki and participated in continuous and extended meetings with representatives of the municipality and other bodies, to finalize the framework of the planned activities.

The program, once again, brings the private and public sectors together, with a series of soft and innovative interventions to raise environmental awareness among the citizens of Thessaloniki, to strengthen prevention and facilitate collection and recycling of marine litter that accumulates in specific places along the coast.

We hope that this new initiative will provide specific data on the environmental issues that afflict the region but will also highlight the impact that small changes in our daily habits can have.

We are excited that Thessaloniki welcomes this new venture, the details of which we will present shortly, and thus becomes the largest coastal city in our network that will implement integrated actions for the marine environment.

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