Taking Action for the Posidonia Meadows

Posidonia meadows play a central role and offer significant benefits in the effort to protect and ensure the health of the marine ecosystem. However, despite the fact that Posidonia meadows are protected as priority habitats under the European legislative framework, their importance is being undermined daily by numerous human interventions. The program, which aims to highlight the importance of the posidonia meadows, is implemented by our organization with the support of Teleperformance and in collaboration with the Municipality of Markopoulo – Mesogaia, the Municipal Port Fund of Markopoulo, and the Hellenic Center for Marine Research.

Specifically, the program focuses on uncontrolled anchoring that is one of the major factors resulting in the degradation of these unique habitats. The project’s implementation is in five phases and includes protection and restoration interventions that will provide significant conclusions towards the replication of the practice to other municipalities in Greece. Throughout all phases of the project, the scientific guidance of the Hellenic Center for Marine Research is deemed crucial.

The first phase of the project involves mapping an area of interest in the bay of Markopoulo and determining the impact of anchoring on the Posidonia meadows in the area.

The second phase of the program includes the evaluation of the findings derived from the mapping process as well as the evaluation of the ecological condition of the Posidonia meadows using appropriate bioindicators.

The third and the fourth phases of the program are related to ensuring the necessary permits for the installation of floating anchorages, while the final phase of the project will focus on restoration work in the area of interest and the evaluation of the interventions.

The outcomes are expected to be communicated to the members of the Blue Municipalities Network as well as to the collaborating Ministries, with the aim of taking initiatives and shaping policies for the substantial protection of this unique marine wealth.

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