Taking action for Thessaloniki’s tap water together with the Thessaloniki Water Company

We are moving forward by building an important partnership with the Thessaloniki Water Company for tap water and the reduction of single-use plastics after signing a memorandum of cooperation. A partnership that aims to deal with a great problem that Greece faces concerning tap water.

Following the implementation of 75 initiatives in Greece and the findings deriving from our analytical database on marine litter, we are aware that the most common waste found on the seabed is the plastic water bottle. The problem becomes big enough great during the summer months when Greece receives millions of visitors. A problem that becomes visible in cities and islands (even in these locations where drinking water stations are operational).

For this reason, our organization considers our collaboration with EYATH a quite important step, since our work will focus on education and training, raising awareness among institutions and citizens, developing know-how through pilot projects, building synergies as well as producing primary data.

In this context, the two partners agreed from the really first moment on the implementation of an initiative that will take place in the city of Thessaloniki with the aim of obtaining raw data on the use of tap water by citizens.

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