The General Assembly for 2024 set our goals

As with every year, the General Meeting of 2024 was again a very special occasion! We talked over past events and shared memories from last year, which always makes us smile.

However, apart from the smiles, we reviewed and evaluated last year’s activities to detect any gaps or other points regarding our operation that require improvement, so as to make appropriate interventions. Another significant point during our Meeting was to determine our goals for this year. Said goals are not only linked to Aegean Rebreath but also to the Blue Municipalities Network! Everyone recognized that 2024 will bring new challenges to our organization, since the range of our activities has been widened considerably.

In any case, all members of the team coincided that 2023 was an important year for Aegean Rebreath, as a lot of important goals were achieved while new responsibilities arose. What’s certain is that we will continue to be effective and meet our new responsibilities, so as to not refute our expectations or the trust our collaborators have placed in us.

Once again, we would like to thank the people of Apivita for their warm hospitality at the company’s premises as well as for their wonderful gifts!


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