Three days in three destinations for three initiatives

Our team spent three quite demanding days in three different locations in Greece to implement, with the help of 40 of our volunteers, several widespread initiatives. We started with a mission on Salamina with the aim of recovering abandoned nets from the historical shipwreck “Agios Markos”. The crew of the German RTL was there to cover our mission and broadcast our work for two consecutive days.

The next day, the German crew followed our second small group of volunteers that operated in the port of Ermioni. Moreover, a third multi-member group of volunteers left the same day for Mytilini island, where, with the support of Attica Group and the participation of 60 volunteers, we implemented a widespread operation that included harbor and coastal clean-ups and research activities. The findings were shocking since the footprint of the refugee flows and shipwrecks were evident in the seabed.

Once more, our team successfully implemented parallel activities, achieving significant de pollution in the areas we operated. At the same time, we met the expectations of our partners through difficult and complex missions. Therefore, we will continue our work with the same determination during the next months. 



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