Visit of the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, George Amyras, to our station in Lygia, Lefkada

Immediately after the establishment of the pioneering project for the first official Network of Municipalities for the Marine Environment under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and his participation in the very productive first meeting of the Network, the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Mr. George Amyras, visited one of our Network stations.

On April 20, he visited Lygia, Lefkada, and one of the most exemplary stations, where he was updated by the Mayor Mr. Kalos Charalambos for the whole project and welcomed the innovative initiative of Aegean Rebreath, stating that “the network of municipalities that have installed marine litter collection stations protects the maritime wealth of Greece and implements environmental democracy in practice, integrating in its actions primarily local communities “while he added that “the Ministry supports this development, which significantly reduces the carbon footprint and offers important benefits for the seabed and the environment”.

We are proud that our hard work has eventually managed to highlight that the protection of the seas is a national issue of major importance, whose indispensable component of success is the cooperation of local communities, and it significantly contributes to the prosperity of the insular and coastal areas of the country.


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