We visited Kesaris Private School to deliver our educational program

More than 200 students from 4 different primary school classes participated in the educational program we delivered in Kesaris Private School! We had the opportunity to inform and discuss with our little friends on how to reduce marine pollution and the need to change our mindset. However, we were really happy to conclude that the students were well informed and showed great interest in developing solutions.

The implementation of our educational programs, structured specifically for each level of education, is our most favourite field. By delivering our educational programs, we aim to inform the student community as well as to encourage the students themselves to take action and develop mini projects. The interaction with the students, their immediate understanding of the challenges and the development of proposals concerning the protection of the marine environment, always surprise us and give us the strength to persistently defend one of our basic principles· intergenerational justice.

The smile of the students was our greatest reward as well as the most powerful motivation to keep up our work by having the new generation as an ally!

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