Welcoming 2023 by looking back at 2022 achievements

2023 is here and we can confidently say that 2022 was a milestone year for our organization! It was a year that clearly exceeded our expectations and justified our efforts. And produces more work and drive for us in view of the new year!

If we were to summarize our 2022 achievements, we would focus on 5 axes of action.

Beginning with our efforts to strengthen and promote environmental democracy (the main goal of our organization), we had the pleasure to welcome 5 new members to the Blue Municipalities Network and, at the same time, we signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece as well as with several research and educational organizations at national and international level. However, the most important step was the initiation of the procedures for the legal entity of the network, an ongoing effort, as the municipal councils of the member municipalities are currently in the process of approving the statutes.

Another significant field for 2022 was the promotion of research and innovation. Only in the past year, we implemented 4 complex pilot projects in member municipalities in collaboration with companies and European bodies, and we also published the first nationwide survey on microplastics while we made significant progress with the bottom sediment survey at a national level.

In the field of prevention and depollution of our coasts and seabeds, almost 280,000 recyclable materials and 28 tons of fishing gear were collected from the Marine Litter Collection Stations, while we implemented 15 expanded operations throughout Greece.

Lastly, we welcomed international and national TV networks who attended our operations and disseminated our message about the huge problem of marine pollution and the urgent need to handle it efficiently. And, of course, we can only feel honored for the award of the Best Environmental Organization as well as the Green Award that we received from The Economist magazine.

All this was possible thanks to your help and support! We cannot forget how you stood by us for another year and contributed to our every effort.

And for this reason, we can only thank you and promise you that we will continue with the same persistence!

Happy New Year with health and creativity!

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