What’s Aegean Rebreath’s connection with Hawaii?

Two years ago, we were contacted by Stephanie, the owner of Maris Pearls Co. (based in Hawaii) to inform us about her intention to support the work of Aegean Rebreath. Of course, we could not imagine back then what she actually had in mind.

Two years later, we can say with confidence that the support of Stephanie (who is of Greek origin) and Maris Pearl Co. has been priceless and decisive for the evolution of our organization. This support translates into diving equipment purchases, contributions to the purchasing of mobile units, research equipment, etc. and, essentially a huge part of our operational independence.

However, what matters most to us is that Stephanie confirms the message of Aegean Rebreath: Every citizen has the right and can make a difference in the protection of the environment. Stephanie is a member of our team because she has proven that with genuine care, daily work, perseverance, and dedication she can make a difference on the field. We would like to thank her warmly for what she has offered, the trust she has shown in us and, most importantly, for her urge to protect our seas.


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